International Cooperation: aims, projects and partnership

21 Apr 2020

One of the key departments of our organization is the International Department. Today we want to tell you more about its work

The International Department consists of specialists who have been active in international activities for more than a decade, as well as socially active youth who already have a clearly defined active citizenship and have repeatedly participated in the implementation of international projects under the Erasmus + program.
The priority tasks of the International Department are the development of public, social and digital diplomacy both in the country and at the international level, the development of intercultural awareness among young people and a sense of belonging to the international community, the establishment of friendly relations with partners from other countries and the formation of a global youth community,
and the promotion of participation in a democratic life in Europe, active
citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and solidarity.

Our organizations:
Falcogroup (International Center for Research and Social Diplomacy) – ESC accreditation
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International Innovative Diplomacy Center «MOST CAMP»
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At the present time the International Department is preparing projects for the current competition of the Erasmus + EU program. 
Let tell you more about these projects. 

1. Training course “Russian Civil Society Study” 
Responsible: Maria Knyazeva – Head of International Department

The seven-day educational course, the implementation of which is planned on the basis of the Resource Center for the Support of Civil Society of the Kuban, is aimed at educating young people and sharing best practices in working with the NPO sector. 

This project will make a significant contribution to solving the key socio-economic problems faced by modern youth: professional employment, human rights, the quality of non-formal education, and will also improve the quality of youth activity, expand cooperation between youth organizations and contribute to the formation of an active citizenship among modern youth.

2. Youth Exchange “Youth Breaks The Fake News”
Responsible: Evelina Ablaeva – Project Manager of International Department 

This project will bring together young people from different European countries in Krasnodar on the basis of the Resource Center for the support of Civil Society of Kuban in order to form a joint international youth community for further cooperation and interaction. Young people are the driving force of any country, and our goal is to bring together young people from different countries in order to jointly solve the challenges we face.

In an environment where it is difficult to trust the available information, it is important to establish horizontal links between different societies and cultures through social diplomacy.

3. ESC projects (long term) “Resources For Youth Power”
Responsible: Anastasia Gerelesova – Project Manager of International Department 

The aim of this project is to empower young people and build their civic position at local, regional, national and international levels. Our task is to give youth representatives all the necessary resources for development and practice as youth leaders. 
The project includes assistance in organizing personal projects and events aimed at developing intercultural dialogue and mobility for youth.

4. ESC projects (short term) “Freedom of Creative Thinking” 
Responsible: Anastasia Gerelesova – Project Manager of International Department 

We believe that the main force of the world community is not in economic or military power, but in the enormous potential for change that young people create.

Creativity is the driving force of humanity. And if we all together direct all our efforts towards creation, not destruction, the world will forget about poverty and pain. Our goal is to give volunteers a platform for development from creative thinking, creation and implementation of their ideas and initiatives. We can offer volunteers several areas of development, depending on their interests and needs (theater, sports, language clubs, writing projects) and give them the opportunity todevelop in this area and come to the final result, witnessed by the youth community.

Attached you can find info packs with detailed information about all projects and PIF of our organization. We will be glad to cooperate with you and find new partners and applicant for our projects.

If you have any questions or want to collaborate with us – kindly ask you to contact with responsible person.

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