Good day, friends!
We are glad to welcome you on the official website of the Kuban civil society support Resource center! The resource center was created to facilitate the work of socially oriented non-profit organizations in the Krasnodar region. We are ready to provide you with our resources and hope to be useful to you!

The Head of the Kuban civil society support Resource center

Oksana Vasilenko.


Petukhov Sergey Valerievich
President of the Kuban civil society support Foundation

Vasilenko Oksana Aleksandrovna
The head of the Kuban civil society support Resource center

Novitsky Igor Yakovlevich
The head of grant project “Resource center for support of civil society of Kuban”, the head of children diplomatic camp ANO “MOSTCAMP”

Lukyrianova Polina Vladimirovna
Secretary of the Resource center

Sosedko Nicholay Stefanovich
Administrator of the Resource center

Zhadan Sergey Grigoryevich
The head of Innovation centrer of ANO the International center «Falcogroup»

Vysotskaya Yulia Vladimirovna
The head of the project Department, Director of the Victoria Kalinina fund “The Choice”

Novitskaya Victoria Pavlovna
The head of the youth Department, Information service of the Resource center

Kugushev Alexander Vladimirovich
The head of legal Department

Zatuleev Vasily Vasilyevich
GR-manager of the Resource center

Tkacheva Marina Alexandrovna
The head of economic department

Kopyl Yulia Vladimirovna
Resource center lawyer

Knyazeva Maria Alexandrovna
Project Manager, the head of international Department

Tlevcerykova Darina Kadyrovna
Project Manager, Deputy head of the youth Department

Egamov Anvar Rustamovich
Cameraman, film Director

Olesya Kranda
Head of the educational project “prof Focus”

Goncharova Ekaterina Igorevna
The head of the social project for women on maternity leave and child care leave “Mother is working»

Dolgov Lev Alexandrovich
The head of the Public organization «The Union of Fathers»

Hamash Ahmad Ziadovic
Adviser to the head of international relations

Sen Kirill Vadimovich
The press department officer

Kudryavtsev Ilya Mikhailovich

Rodichev Vyacheslav Mikhailovich

Gerelesova Anastasia Vitalievna
The Director of the Resource center, and children’s diplomatic camp ANO “MOSTCAMP”

Ablaeva Evelina Rashidovna
Manager of international projects of the Resource center, the administrator of the children’s diplomatic camp ANO “MOSTCAMP”